FAQs | Peru Unbound

Are There any Special Events or Festivals to Look Foward To?

Like most in South America, Peruvians love any excuse for a celebration and the country enjoys a huge number of religious ceremonies, festivals and local events. Carnival time (generally late Feb.) is especially lively almost everywhere in the country, with fiestas held every Sunday. Tours to Machu Picchu during these requires a bit more planning in advance for airfare prices calendar of major public holidays & festivals:

  • February Carnival - Celebrated most of the month prior to Lent throughout the whole country.
  • March/April Easter (Holy Week) - Fantastic parades all over Peru. ROW Adventures like the one in Cusco!
  • June 24 Inti Raymi - Cusco's main Inca Festival of the Sun. A great time to tour the Inca Trail and Machu Picchu.
  • August 13 - 19 Arequipa Week - Parades, firework displays, plenty of folklore, dancing, and craft markets.
  • September End of the month Festival of Spring - Involves dancing, particularly the local Marinera dance.
  • October 18 - 28 Lord of Miracles - Festival featuring large and solemn processions.

What Time Is It In Peru?

UTC (universal time) minus 5 hours.

What Is Not Included In Trip Fees?

International flight tickets, tips, and extra expenses not mentioned are not included in tour costs.

Should I Be Concerned About Altitude Sickness?

Many travelers to Peru experience altitude sickness. For instance, Cuzco is well above 11,000 feet and sometimes travelers coming from lower elevations will experience some form of altitude sickness. Altitude sickness occurs due to the change in oxygen at different elevations. Dehydration can also contribute to the effects of altitude sickness. The symptoms can be mild, but it’s best to be prepared. Even the most active and healthy travelers can be affected. Talk with a doctor who specializes in travel medicine to find what will work best for you.